Falangetti & Weimortz are the best criminal defense attorneys in the Southern California region. Having previously defended high profiles cases such as Lindsey Lohan and being previous prosecutors themselves, Falangetti & Weimortz has the experience and the expertise to help you if you have been charged with a crime. They also have a proven track record that you are able to view on their website.


This website brings modern flavor to the criminal defense world. Featuring interactive drop down & sliders, youtube popup videos, and a special timeline that highlights the recent victories that they have had. This website design flows and glides like no other. It’s the attention to detail that make this website great. For example, the black overlay that shades the youtube videos with the interactive “play” button help to show how sleek the design really is.

  • Skills : HTML5, JS, CSS3, PHP
  • Client : West Coast Defense
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