Production Out of the Pressure

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Most of the world, has been watching the Olympics for the last week or so. The world’s greatest athletes taking their place on the global stage is amazing to witness. Watching each event, from swimming and gymnastics to basketball and judo, The question begs to be answered.

How do these athletes handle the pressure?

None of us in business is a stranger to pressure. We live with it every day as a business owner. But, think about the margin between a gold medal and a silver medal – often just a few hundredths of a second – the pressure you deal with somehow feels a little… less.

You see, the Olympic Games place tremendous force on athletes to produce, on demand, for posterity. They train for years for that one moment, usually with coaches who are some of the best minds in their sport. These athletes must learn specific skills that help them not only master their sport, but take their performance to levels previously unachieved. Then they spend months or years prior to the Olympics participating in events to not only qualify for the Games, but also get a feel for their competition.

And the end result of all of this training is efficiency and effectiveness. These athletes do what they do with apparent ease because they have trained and prepared so well.

But I believe it’s only the pressure of the Olympics – of knowing that their place in the record books rests on what they do in that one moment – that makes them most effective. All of their training and ability only matters if they can execute in the “right now” of Olympic competition. Once that faction of a moment is over, the only thing the world will have to judge these athletes by is how effective they were when the pressure was on.

So, ask yourself, how do you handle pressure? Chances are you will never be under the same scrutiny as an Olympic athlete, but you face myriad pressure in your own way. It may be a deadline, a new venture, or just knowing that your firm depends on you, but you know the feeling of “the weight of the world”.

A former Olympian once said, “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” That Olympian is Kobe Bryant, one of the most accomplished basketball players of the last 20 years. His dedication to developing his skills and talents is legendary. But what Kobe is also known for is his strong desire to have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. He doesn’t shy away from the pressure; rather, he embraces it.

Are you facing pressure from a business world chasing you down or racing by you in the stretch? Blue Sand Group strongly encourages you not shy away from the high-pressure moments in your life. Find those team mates or coaches who can help you use the pressure to help you produce. Pressure is a sign that what you’re doing counts. It means that your leadership or your work or your life is meaningful. It means you can make a difference.

The eyes of the world may not be trained on you, but you have the ability to impact your corner of the world with BSG in your corner. Embrace your pressure, and do your best. When you do, you’ll be amazed at just how many people you’ll find cheering you on.

To Your Success…

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