Push Notifications Make Reaching Your Customers Easier Than Ever

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed push notifications from the apps you have installed on your smartphone. You see them from social media apps, news apps, games, commercial apps, and just about any other type of app you can imagine. They can let you know about updates to the app itself, breaking news, and new or limited-time offers. Push notifications are a great way to reach your existing customers. Catch their attention with new offers and to remind people about your product or service. Businesses without apps are able to find options through Apple Wallet and Android Pay to reach customers through push notifications.

Push Notifications Will Help Your Business

People need to permit your app (or the third party app, if you’re using one) to send push notifications, but it’s worth noting that those who do allow you to notify them are potentially very good customers for your business. They are more likely to keep your app on their mobile device and to return to it frequently. They click through at very high rate, and they’re also significantly more likely to make purchases.

Making message as relevant as possible will help your notifications. A one-size-fits-all message sent to everyone who has installed your app will not be particularly effective. Use your App to research about your customers. Find out what they are looking for, what they favor and don’t like.

What you don’t want to do is annoy those with your app installed by repeatedly sending them push notifications. If your messages are regarded as spam, people will be more likely to disable notifications or even uninstall your app altogether. Instead, limit the number of notifications you send, and try to focus on the ones that will generate real interest from each potential customer. Keeping the messages short and simple will also help in this regard.

App Development with BSG

It’s important that your online marketing takes the shift to mobile devices into account. BSG can help you do just that. We can give your website a responsive design or even create a mobile version of your site. We can also develop an intuitive app that will set your business apart from the competition. Our programmers and designers can make sure that your app is convenient to use and that it can easily integrate updates and new features going forward. Take a look at all of the services BSG offers here, and contact us today to learn more.

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