SEM FAQ - What is Relevance?

What is relevance when it comes to websites? We have heard this time and time again from Google, from Bing and from other SEO professionals. Well said in an easy way, relevance is whether or not the content of your website is relevant essentially to the person that is searching and their query. For instance, if you own a bar or nightclub and somebody is searching for a dog walking service. Obviously, you don’t want your bar or nightclub website to show up for that dog walking service that’s called relevance. If you do own a dog walking service then you do want your website to show up for that particular search query.

It sounds like a basic idea; however, it is really a little more complicated than that. But from a fundamental approach what we need to do in order to make sure your website is relevant is first we need to make sure all of your content has to do with the content matter of the search. The second thing we need to do is make sure that your website is properly coded in order to identify the subject matter you are talking about. the last thing we need to do is to make sure your website is compliant with different criteria like schema.

Once we do all of that, we have a much better chance for your website showing up and being relevant for applicable searches and that is one of the best things you can do for your website. Be relevant, be up to date and make sure people are finding what they are looking for.

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