The Right Font Can Give Your Website A Distinctive Appeal

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The wide variety of fonts we see everyday have their origin in the world of print. Purists may prefer the term typeface (which directly refers to its origins in moveable type) to font. Newspapers, publishers, and print advertisers use different fonts to convey distinctly different emotions. While fonts were a major part of word processors, the number of fonts designers could use was limited until recently. Widely used web browsers have implemented changes that allow them to display a plethora of fonts.

Fat face types, like Google’s Abril Fatface, can work particularly well in headlines. The larger shape tends to catch people’s eyes. That same font can be unpleasant to read for an extended period of time. A font like Merriweather, which was designed with screen-readability in mind, might be a better choice for lengthier content.

The right font can express something distinct about your business. If you’re looking for a website that shows off your business’s creative side, consider fonts with more ornate serifs. Serifs are the small lines at the edges of letters, and they’re present in many different fonts. Alegreya is a good example a serif font that gives text a real sense of style. There are even fonts, like Tikal Sans, that can really give your text a playful feel and help you entice potential customers.

The right font

When it comes to using fonts on your website, you have a choice between free-to-use fonts and those that need to be purchased. Google Web Fonts provides web designers with a large number of free fonts, and some of them are quite creative. Most of the examples listed above are found there. Google’s Open Sans font is at that website. Google Web Fonts was made to be neutral, open, and readable across all devices and print. If you’re willing to pay for more distinctive fonts, Adobe’s Typekit service offers a number of options and is the most widely used subscription service.

Strengthen Your Websites

Fonts are an immediately visible way for your business to communicate its identity to the people who view your website. Are you looking for a website that will demonstrate your company’s strengths? BSG can help build a professional site that will attract customers and clients. Our experienced designers and programmers will build a site that draws people in and makes navigation simple. Take a look at all of our services here, and contact us today to get started.

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