Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Yes, Harry Potter had something similar, but this one is not magic, it’s science!

Here is an example of how an annoying little something was studied instead of cursed at. That singular moment of turnabout turned out to be a simple, yet amazing invention that will change the world of papparazzi. Sometimes science and technology solves problems that other technology creates. It’s a great chess game of oneupmanship that results in so many interesting turns and twists.

Example: Every time one turns on the TV or hits the social media circuit, there are those vast array of insipid, overwhelming and unflattering photos of every pseudo celebrity out there, along with all manner of invented intrigue about their lives. Little cameras are almost universal, as are the psuedo journalists that carry them.

No matter how much I disdain the stories about the imagined excitement of all things celebrity, I do sympathize with the notable in society especially when the overwhelming crush of invasive photographers is constantly mashing cameras in their faces.

Technology to the rescue! There is a new material specifically designed to ruin flash photography.

This line of clothing accessories has a bold claim: “Privacy is back. Using fabric patterned with a special material, ISHU scarves protect the wearer from unwanted photography by harshly reflecting flashes back to the lens, Quartz reports. When the ISHU scarf is worn around the neck, it can prevent paparazzi from taking clear photos of a person’s face.

The photos would just turn out as floating glowing scarves while everything else would turn black. This is because under a strong flash, the ISHU scarves turn into a giant reflector, pushing the camera to reduced sensitivity or risk overexposing the scarves.

The product was discovered by accident. Saif Siddiqui took a photo with friends in Amsterdam while standing in front of a bike but the reflectors from the bike didn’t cooperate. It reflected the mobile phone’s flash so effectively it obscured the faces of him and his friends. This little nuisance he turned into a specialty brand which officially launched recently in Toronto.

The most obvious clientele would be celebrities and the scarf has certainly hung on some famous shoulders. The ISHU has been spotted being worn by the likes of Paris Hilton, Nick Jonas and Cameron Diaz, people who definitely know a thing or two about how invasive paparazzi can be.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself…or not, actually.

Now, consider what little things cross your path every day that might possess the potential to become exceedingly popular and profitable if you only thought about these things in terms of problem solving…even if the problem does not yet exist.

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