Seeking Fame and Fortune?

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What should a day-in-the-life look like on rise to fame and fortune?

Every day should be very different and exciting as you build and publicize your brand. Your brand concept is a steady forward movement on any and every element of your platform which is the sum total of your online presence, speaking engagements, professional activities, articles you write, media coverage, and image development.

You have all that percolating right now…right?

When you work with the right people (Hint: Blue Sand Group) elements come together and combine to deliver amazing business success. You can choose to work on any of these elements on any day. Or your experts at BSG are assigned to craft them daily. The important thing is to do something, or have something done, for your brand every single day. This is completely aside from your normal sales and service calls. For instance, it is quite easy to ups date your website every week, have a new social media outreach daily with Tweets, blogs, Facebook postings and more. But think larger — events, appearances, shows and more.

In our reality-TV/YouTube world, the perception is that you can get famous overnight.

To what extent is that true?

There are two kinds of fame: the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian type where someone becomes known for “being known” rather than for any contribution to society; in contrast, the type of fame BSG develops is based on professional success whether as a scientist, startup guru, product/ service inventor, or professional in any field. The reality TV flavor of fame focuses on “15 minutes of fame” whereas professional branding builds a lifetime career. There are brands, products and spokespeople who are more famous every day and every time they light up a screen. The model BSG uses to help people package their expertise, get very visible, and monetize the results is of the second category. It’s not trivial and flighty. It takes hard work and delivers life-changing results in terms of income and other measures of success. It is the key to joining the elite of your field.

In essence, every field has its alpha celebrities whether teachers (think Michelle Rhee), attorneys (think Gerry Spence), politicians (Sarah Palin), financial gurus (Suze Orman), or even America’s best-known gardener or chef or workout coach. We found that all are as adept at publicity as any Hollywood celebrity and all have an intuitive understanding of packaging what they do into a unique personal brand. We know that secret and can instill it in you.

Interested? It takes hard work, dedication, and yes, it is expensive. But, it can be achieved and maintained for many years.

The choice is yours. Contact BSG for more.

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