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“There’s an app for that!” This is a hyper true and obvious statement!

With 16 gazillion apps for just about everything imaginable, the trend is to have an app that individually fits and serves your clients. If you don’t make it quick and easy for your customers, someone else will. Translation: Yes, you need this…desperately.

Look anywhere and everywhere. Digital is virtually universal. Everyone has a device in hand, busily accessing the rest of the world. If you are not part of that world, you are missing huge amounts of business that could and should be heading your direction. Every idle moment, from standing in line for everything to eating at lunch, to shopping, to (yes, admit it) goofing off at work — you name it, they are all going at it on their devices and yes, they are buying! And you do it, too.

So, it is obvious. Creating a fully functional, mobile version of your site is paramount to survival with today’s fast-paced consumer demand. This is especially important if you provide a unique product or service online. The ability to carry your site over to an easy-to-use, bug-free application compatible with the most popular mobile devices is vital. BSG does that for you.

Our team of leading-edge programmers and designers will create a beautiful, intuitive app and mobile website for your business according to your specifications and with an eye to future updates and features. Remember, when people can find and access you no matter where they are, then you make business deals anytime…period.

Your app and mobile site, created to the highest functionality and standards, by BSG will be the direct public portal to you and your business. Our process has been refined over time:


When we create a logo, we are not just creating an image, we are creating a new way of communicating. After we are presented the basic concept, we reflect. Then, we draft our a visualization of the concept. We reflect with you again. Then, when we have decided on a direction, we merge the visual with the concept and refine the message. When we are done, words are unnecessary.


After the wireframes and blueprints are created, we start working on the UI. UI merges art and functionality.

We select certain screens and elements from the blueprints and start the process of creation. Once the UI is in a solid and completed position, most firms start on development development. But at BSG, that’s when we get started with the user experience phase.


It's easy to know what components you need on an app. But laying them out is the tricky part; it's an art.

Our goal is to make the app an extension of your hand. We want it to react naturally -- organically. That’s what an expert in UI can achieve. In order to make this happen, we have to move from mere wire frames to working plans. At the end of the UX phase, your apps layout and blue prints will be clear.


Your app comes to life during UI and UX, but when BSG starts to poish your app, this is where we really shine. When we finish this stage, the BSG touch is apparent.

The BSG website, like our apps are full of special touches that are both obvious and subtle at the same time. This attention to detail is what makes the difference in a BSG app.

Featured App: American Bars (iOS & Droid)

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