Make Sure Your SEO Strategy Includes Conversational Phrases

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Conversational phrases really took off with Apple’s introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S. It became very popular that other big tech companies came out with their own voice recognition software. But the ability to recognize what people are saying is only part of the process. The software needs to to understand the content of people’s questions in order to deliver the search results they need.

In order for search engines to understands the questions people are asking, developers had to change the algorithms. Google’s Hummingbird update was first implemented towards the end of 2013. It aims to improve the results for searches based on conversational phrases (Google calls them semantic searches). Hummingbird was a significant update to Google’s search algorithm. They have said, it was the biggest update to the algorithm since 2001.

SEO Strategy for Conversational Phrases

When thinking about ensuring your SEO strategy, takes these conversational phrases into account. It’s important to remember question words. People are asking search engines and mobile devices questions. Usually questions that start with who, what, where, when, why, and how. So make sure that your website content includes answers to questions that pertain to your business and use those question words.

Your customers and clients are another potential source of insight into the kinds of questions people are likely to search for. Think of the kinds of questions you hear most often. Chances are, those questions are also the kind of thing people are searching for online. So a video or an article that answers a popular question can attract people to your site and move your site up the rankings for that question.

Popular questions frequently include locations, so it’s important that your content emphasizes where you’re located. We also know that it’s a good idea to focus on common questions that pertain to your business specifically and your industry in general. Content that directly addresses these questions can be a great way to move up the search rankings. The anchor text you’re using in links that go back to your site is also very important. Your anchor text should be more conversational and less keyword-oriented than in the past.

SEO Experts in Long Beach

SEO is a very important part of online marketing, and it’s a great way to attract customers who aren’t familiar with your business but are interested in what you do. If you’re looking to move up the search rankings, BSG can help. Our team of SEO specialists will identify the keywords and conversational phrases that are most relevant to your business. We will build a strategy that fills your website and online presence with quality content, so that you see lasting gains in your position in the search rankings. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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