Creating Ads On Snapchat Ad Manager

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Social media platforms are extremely useful for businesses. It gives businesses the opportunity to reach people in the city, state, nation and even world wide. Although simple to use, it might be confusing and time consuming.

Fortunately, Snapchat has made it an easy process for businesses to advertise on their social platform. Use this guide to help you create a winning advertising campaign on Snapchat Ad Manager.

social media ad

Using Snapchat Ad Manger

First, log into your Snapchat Business Manager, click on “Ad Manager” (top left corner) and continue into “+New Campaign” to begin your Ad campaign.



Objective on Snapchat

Now pick an objective relevant to your business . Snapchat gives you the opportunity to:

    1. Drive traffic to your website to benefit your Off-page SEO performance.
      If you’re a business that provides a service, you might want to add a link with more information about the service.
      If you sell products, then link onto a page that has more information featured on Snapchat.
    2. Drive traffic to business App to increase conversions.
      Apps are great way to learn more about customers and build relationships. 
    3. Create brand awareness for new customers.
      It’s 2017. You don’t need to buy a tv or radio spot for brand awareness. Take advantage of social platforms.
    4. Increase video views on a social media campaign.
      Looking forward on getting more customers onto your youtube channel? This is a great way. You can also display a business commercial, or a how to video about your service or product. 


Target Market, Budget, and Schedule

Pick your desired target market, set your budget, and select a schedule for your campaign.


Target Market

Snapchat allows you to narrow down your target market based on demographics (age, sex, education, language) and audience lifestyle.
The DLX Advance Demographics allows you to reach people based on income.



Set your daily budget according to your marketing budget and select the amount you’d like to bid per impression or per swipe up.


budget for snapchat


 You are allowed to launch your campaign immediately or schedule it for a period of time. We recommend you to schedule it for a specific time to get a better return on investment.

Schedule management


Snapchat Creative

It is time to get creative. Snapchat Creative is what your target audience will see. Depending on your objective, you’re allowed to upload a video or an image for the advertisement and attach link, or add app ID. Snapchat makes it simple for business owners to advertise through the App.  

Snap Advertising Creative

Social Media Management at BSG

Social media management is crucial for your business. It allows you to grown your business by reaching people in your city, state, nation, or around the world. A strategic plan is needed to fulfill all business objectives. Here at BSG, our SEO and social media experts collaborate to increase traffic to your website, create brand awareness, and maintain a good online presence. Call us today to learn how to expand your business online.

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