SOCIAL MEDIA FAQ - What is the Difference Between @ Tags and # Tags?

What is the difference between an @ tag and a # tag? It is pretty simple, if you use an @ tag on most social media platforms, Google+ it’s actually a + tag, because they wanted to be different. You are directly tagging somebody because you wanted to mention them and let them know or wanted to give them credit for a photo, video, article or something that you had posted. When using at @ tag, it will let them know by notification either on Facebook or Twitter, they may also get an email as well if they have that set up. That’s it for @ tags.

Now for # tags, when you are using a # tag you are basically participating in a greater conversation about whatever the subject line is that you used the # tag for. For instance, today is Thursday so today we may be using the # tag #ThrowbackThursday or #tbt or maybe even a personal favorite #caturdayeveryday because yes everyday is caturday everyday. That is pretty much a universal thing, you will see it on all social media platforms. Generally speaking you will be able to click that # tag and you will then be able to see what everyone is talking about under that subject or you can search it in that search box on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Pretty much everything to find a conversation that you want to be a part of.

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