How much humor should you use in your social media campaigns? There is always room for pepper in humor, but if you watch our other video for creating engaging content. You will remember that the use of humor has to match up with not only your clients taste, but the industry that they are in.

For example, when I started here we had a client that was a TV warm up guy. If you have ever gone to one of those tapings, you know that they are all about keeping people warmed up and engaged in a long period of time. We tell them jokes for four or five sometimes even up to eight hours at a time. With him about 95% or so we humor and the rest were about his schedule because that just made sense.

Also since I have been here, I have had medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers. Those are going to lean toward being a little more serious, there is room to post funny stuff every now and again because it is law and there are plenty of lawyer jokes out there. But to keeping in mind what they are all about and keeping it a little more serious. Just to wrap it up, when using social media humor, you definitely want to put it in every now and then. And again it really depends on what your client is in and what they are all about. And it will engage more than just informational content. Keep in mind you will want to have it match up with their sense of humor and an appropriate level for the industry that they are in.

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