How to have an effect contest on Pinterest, through marketing for your brand? Some tips that we have for a successful Pinterest contest include asking for one quality entry. We should always be asking for quality over quantity. It is also a rule for Pinterest to not to over exaggerate on entries. Number two is to create suitable hash tags. The benefit for having a custom hash tag for your contest means that you can go into those, you can actually count each entry and keep track of all of those that have participated. Another one is to build a landing page. When you ask followers to comment it is technically considered spam. So the best thing to do is to create a link with a splash page. So not only is it abiding by the rules, but you are also generating traffic for your website. Another way is to clearly explain your rules and prizes. That is a no brainer you should be doing that anyways.

Number five is to judge creatively. Again no likes, no repins, no comments; Pinterest will delete your contest if you do that, so you have to judge creatively. Plus it will put more effort into each person’s entry. Lastly, think outside of the box, be different. Do not be like other brands that are boring. That way you will get much more engagement.

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