SOCIAL MEDIA FAQ - Should use social media for customer service

No matter what industry you are a part of, your social media channels can be used for customer service. In fact, customers expect businesses to do so, even if they are not visibly active on social media.

Today we’re gonna go over question that may come up in your business and that’s should you use your social media service purposes and the answer to that is yes that’s it. That’s the entire video the answer is yes hopefully we will go more in depth and hopefully you just came from reading Kim’s newsletter that she wrote on Facebook is measuring the responsiveness rates and how quickly pages get back to their customers. When they make an inquiry or some sort of comment that ends up in their inbox
not you should check it out and while you’re at it if you’re not on our newsletters currently you can go outside right now as I know more in with you all sorts of great social leaders in both video and on video for now.

If you remember a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and yet somehow in the future video on the detriment of having social media and not using it properly forces not having social media obviously being some of the works in social media marketing, I wouldn’t recommend that anybody not have social media but if you recall I did say that it is better to not have a social media presence that to happen and and do it poorly known back then I used an example of a tattoo shop not letting people know whether or not they are doing something Saturday.

Another real-life example I can give you that goes to the response rate and using it for customer service is that I have an old client is an event venue and because I’m still only administrator on their page I get notifications every time a message comes into their inbox and a lot of times you were asking about how they go about getting tickets the price might be fun event they have come to go or how they go about raising this facility in order to put on an event for a couple hundred maybe even a thousand people.

Now I know because there are no client they are not responding to these and they won’t be because they are no longer engaged social media at all however social media Facebook in particular is becoming more and more the primary form of communication for a lot of people there on it all day every day I know I haven’t given as part of my job but I do check my personal Facebook periodically throughout the day to see if I haven’t you notifications about something that’s going on or ahead messages coming in that I might need to answer so it’s becoming expected even though it might
not seem that logical to adjust my seem more logical would be the way to put it to go to someone’s website for information that’s the traditional way of doing things but a lot of our clients get questions into their in boxes or and they get tweets or comments on Google+ or wherever it may be asking questions that are available on the website or somewhere else and instead persons taking social media because they expect to get that information on those features oftentimes your also gonna run into not just clashes but complaints from customers pages and again if you’re not monitoring those are answering that problem has a potentially get worse and anybody that could become a customer that isn’t
currently they may take that as hey you know this doesn’t care who this person is saying that they got ripped off or whatever else happen maybe I need to give them my business so at the end of the day.

Yes you do need to use your social media as a customer service if you have any questions you can always visit our website at and again I do recommend signing up for our newsletter as well get even more information like this.

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