SOCIAL MEDIA FAQ - What are google collections

A relatively new feature you may not know much about is Google Collections. It’s very much like Pinterest on the Google+ platform. Mark from BSG covers exactly what Collections are and how they can be useful for your business.

Readings internetworld its market in from blues and and they thought they were going to cover is Google collections they may not be too familiar with those elections and that’s cool if you’re not it’s the best way to sum it up is it’s like Pinterest but I wrapped my mind around that 472 basically like I
said it is a lot like having interest but just on the Google+ platform you have your collections that you make that are essentially like the boards that you have on Pinterest and you can put you know whatever pictures you want to win their and cover whatever subject you feel like covering and the good news is that you can import existing photos into your collections also with those collections you can set it just like you’re supposed to public. You can make it just for your circles you can make it just for you you make it any number of custom ways which is pretty cool and the other thing that I really liked collections as opposed to you doing public boat or post to communities is that when someone shares your funding from one of those to you into their collection has a lot longer lifespan if you think about it like with our program were doing one to use that as of 23 both had a marvelous gonna move down at page pretty fast and people are inclined to school and it really is a great way to do outreach but the same kind of thing in one or two days people probably aren’t you likely to find your content based on how big the communities along the ones we try to hit have 50,000 hundred-thousand some even have two million so if you think about the possibility of two million people posting somewhere as opposed to that one person sharing your content is gonna have that a lot longer lifespan. So if you’re interested in learning more about elections and how you can use it for your business you can always visit our website at and if you want more social media information you can go to our YouTube channel and check out our social media violence we also got SEO web design Sen anything you need in your online world.

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