How to choose the right social media platform for your business? The initial thought for most people when they are looking to join social media. They want to be on the biggest social media platforms available because they want to reach the most amount of people. Even though that might not necessarily be the wrong way to think, but that’s not totally the right way to think. As of January 30, 2013 the most active social media platforms are in order: Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine. So keeping those in mind, I am going to back a few years ago when I was first hired here to Blue Sand Group. During my interview, I was asked by one of the owners to pick the right social networks for a plumber. Now out of the networks that I have just read, if they were going for the biggest ones possible, well at number 4 they would be on Instagram, and the final two things that they would be on is Pinterest and Vine. I think we can all agree that those social networks are not what I want to see my plumber on. If anything I want them on Facebook or Google+, maybe Twitter but that might be pushing it.

What you want to keep in mind when searching what social media to join is not necessarily the size of the social network, but how it fits within your area of interest. If you got a physical location, which I think most business do. Facebook and Google+ are going to be your best friends. You are going to be able to control your map listing through Google+ and you are going to have check in deals through Facebook. When they check in, it is going to notify all of their Facebook friends that they are at your business. If you are into something a little more creative like the Fashion world or even a tattoo shop, Instagram and Pinterest are going to be your best friends.

It all really depends on who you are trying to reach and what industry you are in.

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