A Split Screen Layout Gives Your Website Visual Flair

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A split screen in this case refers to a website with two distinct sides divided vertically. Split screens can either be a single, static page, or (if they need to display more information or content) they can scroll down. In some cases, scrolling down one side will cause the other to scroll in response. Split screens also help to simplify things for potential customers. They are given two sections to look at, and they can focus on the one most relevant to them. This can help to reduce the clutter on the website and give it a streamlined look.

Splits Screens Will Benefit Your Business

Perhaps the most straightforward reason to use a split screen layout is to show off two distinct products or services. If your business has two things to highlight, a split screen is a great way to show them both off. This approach works if your business offers can be divided into two groups. If a shoe retailer sells both men’s and women’s shoes, it might make sense to show their men’s shoes on one side and women’s on the opposite.

A split screen design can also be an appealing way to divide up the information and visual content on your website. For example, a restaurant might display its location, contact information, and menu specifics on one side, while the other side shows large, appealing pictures of dishes. This can also work for businesses that include bios of partners or employees. As the viewer scrolls between different bios, the picture changes to show the new individual.

Split screen layouts have become popular recently because of the fact that they can be part of a responsive design. Responsive designs adjust a website to the proportions of the device the website is being viewed on. This is particularly important as smartphones and tablets emerge as the way most people access the Internet. A split screen can maintain its proportions across devices and ensure that visitors to your website enjoy the full experience, regardless of their device.

Website Design in Long Beach

If you’re considering what website design will work best for your business, BSG can help. Our web designers have ample experience meeting the needs of a wide variety of businesses. We can create an immersive site that draws visitors in and really commands their attention. If that isn’t the right fit for your business, we can create a site that emphasizes your professionalism. Whatever approach you prefer, you can count BSG to provide you with a website that is smooth, appealing, and easy to navigate. Take a look at all of the services we provide, and contact us today to learn more.

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