Standing Out From The Crowd On Social Media

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A big part of separating yourself from the competition is the content that you share on social media. Your content should not just be specific to your industry, it should also say something about your business. The right photos and videos can help you tell your business’s story. Your audience will understand what makes your business truly exceptional.  Great content will help people gain a relationship with your business.

Social Media Engagement Tips for Business

One way to continue to build that relationship over social media is by engaging with your customers. This can include something as simple as replying to their comments in a friendly tone. It can also include encouraging your audience to share their own pictures and stories involving your business. A travel industry business might ask its audience to share pictures from their trips. Restaurant could poll its followers about their favorite dishes from past seasons. These interactions will encourage people to interact with you on social media. They will also remind them of some of their favorite experiences with your business.

You also need to be available to listen to your audience’s questions. Engaging with your customers should run both ways. Delivering prompt replies to questions about your location, hours of operation, and other basic information. This is even more important when dealing with complaints. Handling any issues with grace will not only assuage the concerns of the initial person, it will also let the rest of your audience know that you take their experience with your business seriously and that you will strive to make them satisfied.

Social Media Management with BSG

Social media is a great tool for reaching out to people, but it is up to those same people whether they will listen to what you have to say. In order to earn people’s time, attention, and potentially money, you must offer something of value. By providing them with content that captures their interest and by engaging them through positive interactions, you can get the most out of your business’s social media presence. If your business is looking for someone to help you create and manage social media profiles that will build relationships with your customers and separate your business from the competition, be sure to contact BSG today.

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