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So, the whole Internet marketing thing is a total mystery to you. Well, it’s not a mystery to us. It is a tool kit to utilize. It helps us build and assist clients like you to achieve greater success in business using a vast marketplace that can reach anyone, anywhere. Let’s take a quick look at what Blue Sand Group offers:

Website Development

Your brick and mortar store has a sign. Only those driving down that street see that sign. Having a website is the same. It is an online billboard for your business. It is one location. The online difference is that you have to reach out and draw viewers to your site, similar to Radio/TV commercials or newspaper ads (do you remember newspapers?) . We specialize in giving you the professional look that your business needs. We will help guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel, bringing you more business.

Search Engine Optimization

A website without Search Engine Optimization is like a business being located outside of a city, down a rural country road, where there is no pavement, street lights, or even an occasional farmhouse. Result: no one will find you or even know you are out there. Taking advantage of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service along with engaging content assures that your site gets the visibility it deserves. The internet is the number one directory for all resources.

Email Marketing

You have to let people know you are there. No sales pitch, just a friendly note to keep your name in front of potential clients. Stay in touch with your audience. Send monthly, or bi-monthly communications to encourage them and eventually, drive them to your website and promote your business. Nothing fancy. Just a simple message to get them to recall your name. When the time comes, they will act upon it.

Social Media Management

These days, content is truly king. Social media is so prominent today, and you must take advantage. Regularly updating your social media platforms will build a good reputation with Google, and your followers. If you are a little unsure of what to post, or concerned you won’t be able to find time to manage your accounts, that is what we are here for. BSG will gladly manage all of your social media platforms, capturing the imagination and attention of your audience.

We will assist you so you can focus solely on your business. The purpose of our online services is to expand your audience and drive more traffic to your business and website. We are here for all of your expanding needs, providing keys to your success every step of the way.

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