Staying Visible On Increasingly Crowded SERPs

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Many of the elements that take up space on the page use structured data. Rich snippets, direct answers, and other elements are designed to help searchers find the information they need quickly. They’re not only a way for other businesses to circumvent your position in the organic search results. They’re also a way people can gather information about your business without visiting your website. In order to make your business stand out on SERPs, you need to include the right structured data in your website. The search engines will then be able to display information relevant to your business.

How to stay visible on SERP

One of the most important things you can do is to take control of Google’s Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is a large box on the right of the search results that appears when someone performs a search for a specific person, product, or business by name. It’s far and away the most prominent thing on the page for these types of SERPs. By including the correct structured data on your website, you can make sure that your business has one. You certainly don’t want to give your competitors the chance to attract customers who are already familiar with your business. A Knowledge Graph entry will make sure that these customers’ attention is quickly captured by your business.

For search results that include local keywords (both specific locations as well as phrases like “near me”), the top of Google’s SERP is dominated by the local three-pack. This is a box that includes the top three results just below a map of their locations. These businesses are much more visible than the competition. It’s important that your business competes for position in the local search rankings. People who perform searches with a local keyword are typically further along in the buying process. You have a better chance of attracting someone who will be making a purchase.

One area that Google and the other search engines haven’t demoted is paid ads. They remain prominently displayed on the SERP, and search engines now provide advertisers with more options, like ads that include pictures. Google calls these types of ads Product Listing Ads, and they are a way to get your products prominent placement on the SERP.

SEO service in Long Beach

SEO continues to grow and develop, and that can be a challenge for many businesses. A prominent position on relevant SERPs makes it easy for potential customers to find your business, so it’s important that you face the challenges of SEO head on. BSG can help you do just that. For example, our SEO experts will make sure to include the right markups on your website. That your information is properly seen and indexed by the search engines. To learn more about everything BSG has to offer, contact us today.

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