How to Stop Instagram Account Hacking

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We recently discovered the sneaky way Instagram users are being hacked. When you think of your Instagram account being hacked, you may think of people posting on your page without your consent, but that is not the case here.

We all know everyone “does it for the gram” these days. After all, it is the top performing social media channel. Now that it’s connected with Facebook (have you noticed that update on your Facebook?), there’s no stopping the photo-sharing app.

Instagram on Facebook
You can now easily access your Instagram through your Facebook App.


But accounts are so desperate for likes, hackers are now using REAL accounts to like other users’ photos. Perhaps this is because everyone can spot a bot from a mile away now (Check out this great article about this guy who spent two years botting:, but users are paying for likes, and hackers are finding new ways to oblige.

We first noticed this when we saw photos in our “Posts You’ve Liked” tab in our settings that we have not liked. Then we noticed the time of these supposed likes: 3 AM, 4 AM, times when we are fast asleep and not stalking strangers we don’t even follow on Instagram.

Posts You've Liked

So per usual, we Googled the matter and found that many users had experienced this issue. Here are some suggestions for protecting your account:


Your password should be changed at least every three months, no matter how minor the change.

Reset Password


If Instagram is asking to verify your email, do it! It detects strange activity on your account and wants you to be protected.

Instagram Verification


This will require you to put in a code when you attempt to log in to your Instagram on different devices.

Two-Factor AuthenticationInstagram Verification Detail

So take that hackers!

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