Some Strategy For Your Content Marketing

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If you are here, chances are that you craft content and are attempting to zero in on some form of inspiration for your daily, weekly, or monthly grind; fashioning a beautiful story that gets sent off into the ether, never to be hear from again.

OR…you are desperately in NEED of content, haven’t got a clue where to find it, but you have discovered that those college interns simply have not earned the experience to expertly tailor fine content that is worthy of your site.

Such a dilemma!

Well, stop. Take a deep breath. Relax, and let Blue Sand Group offer you some interesting material and advice.

Content marketing is not as complex and complicated as we make it out to be. You don’t have to be an Einstein to be successful. Einstein himself said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” That is the essence of genius. So, the best thing to do is reach into your pocket and pay a good fee to have quality writing on your site and beyond. Accept no substitutes or interns. Now, that we have that minor issue covered, let’s move on.

So, let’s talk about a simple content marketing strategy!

Many marketers and sales professionals still struggle with the concept of real time marketing. They struggle with social media profiles, improving their reputation currency, and using content to develop an audience – so they can achieve the ultimate by-product of all of these actions which is more sales and higher value sales. Many still see social media as kid’s stuff and are left in the settling digital dust.

Do We Agree On The Definition of Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute states “Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” My experience in marketing leadership roles with a wide array of clients in the past allows me to say this explanation is spot on!

Research Backs Up The Impact Of A Content Marketing Strategy

Much research suggests that a robust content marketing strategy leads to more business. The more info you send out to share, the more content hungry customers keep lining up to see what you are offering each day.

More Sales Quotas Reached. Social media pros, using relevant content, are 6 times more likely to make quota than those who do not use social media. This research suggests all sales organizations need to use content and social selling immediately!

Content Helps You Break Through To Decision Makers. 90% of B2B decision makers never ever answer a cold call. This statistic indicates screen content is the key to opening any relationship door!
Content Influences Decisions. 65% of buyers (and an overwhelming 82% of senior executives) say the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact on their purchase decision. So, if I am a sales leader I would focus on an efficient content strategy for a competitive edge.

Yes, 65% Say Content Sealed Deal

Bottom line — you really need to contact BSG NOW!

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