Striking Background Visuals Can Help Your Website Intrigue Customers

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In years past, website designers often frowned upon large background media. Large images and video took time to load, and many users would grow impatient with the loading time and abandon the site.

Times have changed, though. Internet connections are faster than ever, so the time it takes to load those images has been greatly reduced. In addition to that, the improvements provided by HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript make loading images, video, and animations much quicker.

Since the drawbacks to using big images and videos have disappeared, let’s look at the advantages they provide. An impressive visual background will draw people further into your site. It’s especially useful for businesses with products and locations that appeal directly to visitors’ sense of what’s aesthetically appealing. The background image will begin telling the visitor your business’s story. A background video will do even more. The moving images will hold their attention for longer and pique their curiosity, giving you more of an opportunity to turn that visitor into a customer.

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Dynamic content is also a great way to create a memorable impression. Let’s say your business is a restaurant, and you want to show off a variety of the dishes you serve. Well, jQuery plugins now make it quite simple to design a slideshow of fullscreen images, so potential customers will get a look at the full range of your menu.

Emphasizing dazzling images is often part of a one page, simplified website design. You can let the images of your products and location do the talking, and with the right image people will certainly be persuaded. This also has the benefit of reducing clutter on your website, and cluttered websites often drive away frustrated customers. Instead, people will be able to find the information they need more easily.

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If you’re looking to showcase your business with a great website design, BSG can help. We’ve designed many sites with impressive visual backgrounds, as you can see with the West Coast Defense website and the Ad Auditor website. And our professional photographers and videographers can create memorable visuals.

We will work with you to provide the design that suits your business’s needs and appeals to your clients or customers. We can build a new website for your business from scratch, or we can upgrade your existing site. And our designs are always made with the user’s experience in mind, so they’re easy to navigate. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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