5 Tips On Subject Lines – Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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From brand awareness, to customer relationship management, email marketing will benefit a business in multiple ways. It allows businesses to reach mobile customers, keep customers on their toes, provide incentives, and much more. Many marketers and businesses use this tactic to retain their customers, develop relationships, and get repetitive business.

Setting up an email marketing campaign may be easy, but getting customer to open the email is not. This is a common problem many businesses face through email marketing. Although you’ve set up a great email campaign, there’s something that stands in between the customer’s decision on actually opening it: the email’s subject line.

Subject lines are extremely important and should be well thought out. Customers receive tons of email, so they based their decision on opening an email based on subject lines. Thinking of a great, catchy subject lines will help your email campaigns significantly. Thought out subject lines will improve your open rates over all, save you a lot of time (you’re wasting your time if no one’s opening your emails), and you’ll also avoid getting your emails mixed in the junk mail.

Email Marketing

Here are 5 quick tips to keep in mind when sending out your next email:

  1. First of all and most importantly, don’t sound spammy.  Avoid using all CAPITAL letters, the word “FREE”, or exclamation points. When have you ever bothered to acknowledge the sale man screaming out of his lungs when you were in a rush?
  2. Before you include the whole idea in the subject line, cut it down. Keep subject lines as short as possible in words and characters. We usually try to keep it under 35-40 characters or under 6 words.
  3. What’s the third tip about subject lines? Asking a question on your subject line will get your customers to think and engage. If the question is something relevant to their lifestyle and (or) interest, they gain curiosity in opening the email.
  4. Deadlines are good ideas if you’re having a promotion in your store. “This weekend only” will make the customer curious about what’s going on, and they won’t want to miss out on an opportunity.
  5. “I hope you’ve enjoy the 5 tips” A preview announcement of a list you’ll be sharing with your readers with will influence your customers to open the email. They’ll realize it’s informative and easy to scan.

Email Marketing Service in Long Beach

Although it might be easy to set up an email marketing campaign, it take a good strategic approach to be successful. Analyzing each individual campaign is crucial for your return on investment. Here at BSG, we strategically plan out email marketing campaigns, measure email marketing success, and make improvements on campaigns for a great ROI. Contact us today, we’ll gladly help your email campaigns become more successful.

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