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The latest trend in signage at any store from Walmart to Home Depot are the little video sales pitches. These looped commercials attempt to reach out and grab shoppers via sound and movement, telling consumers what new product is there and what it does and why they should buy it and if its on sale, and how exclusive it is and, and…

and how the whole thing is ridiculous because the video is so dull and boring that it is worse than no signage at all.

Of course the true advantage to this is that, if you have been assaulted by monotony long enough, a really clever and sharp presentation, no matter how odd the product may be, grabs you. Chances are, not only will you watch the ad video a couple of times, you will even call others over to watch it, too.

This recently occurred when I found a video featuring a pretty young woman in a nice blue party dress replete with taffeta petticoat in the middle of a event/party/wedding reception, sitting on a toilet and literally talking crap.

The more unusual the product, the more one must have creativity, innovation and a full load of humor. Clever play on words captures the imagination and not only do you want the product, you want to share it with others…even, and perhaps especially, when it deals with something odious like…poop.

“Shift happens”, and people enjoy toilet humor. The woman in question was discussing a new product decisively called “Poo-pourii”. Yes, spray it in the crapper and it coats the water with a thin film to hold down residual stink while offering a variety of very pleasant fragrances to further cover the offal. Put the whole product and marketing together and I inhale the sweet smell of success for this firm. You should check out the fun products — especially the t-shirts, and the double entendre puns.

Why does this product and approach work? Simple, because it’s FUN!

Why is this important to you?

When the overwhelming array of marketing out there is SO lifeless, being memorable, fun & engaging gives you a HUGE advantage! But how do you do it, practically? What are the steps?

Great questions! The answers are here at Blue Sand Group.

BSG has put together a 10-step formula, including:

… the 10 kinds of “experiences” you MUST provide in your business to stand out, attract fans and repeat customers

… the little-known concept of “Experience Escalation”, and how it holds the key to a 10X increase in your profits

… the 3 Biggest Mistakes virtually everyone makes when creating marketing that you MUST avoid at all costs…

In case you’re still unconvinced that unusual products paired with unique marketing create success — let me just mention that Dollar Shave Club just sold for 1 Billion dollars.

That’s no co-incidence …

… and it demonstrates the POWER of incorporating memorable, fun & engaging experiences into EVERYTHING you do. It’s almost like strapping a rocket to your business and blasting off into the stratosphere.

Still thinking? This is for you if:

• If none of the usual strategies or tools have worked to generate the success you desire

• You’ve ever felt stuck on a marketing “hamster wheel” of busyness, unable to focus on what you’re truly here to accomplish

• You’re sick of having less than 10% of people consume and get results from your info products, programs or courses, and want a way to help dramatically more people, and be well compensated for it

• You want a proven way that your programs, courses and products can actually start to market themselves and engage more than 50% powerfully so they consume and get results, and come back again and again. Welcome — this is exactly where you need to be.

Come back…More on Monday!!!

To Your Success…

Scott Ringwelski

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