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Little things count and matter in a Big Way. Simple things we don’t quite understand can mean the difference between winning a Gold Medal and being an also-ran.

It can be the same for your business. If you look for the details that give you the slightest edge, that edge can be the difference between success and mediocracy.

Look at the current Olypmics swimming competition. The winner will be a hundreths of a second ahead of the next three competitors. An eye-blink of a time makes for a champion when all else is equal. How do you get that eye-blink advantage?

Look at the suits. They are designed to mimic dolphins…material that glides through the water better than your own skin. Note that not one MALE swimmer has a wisp of body hair…they shave it all.

Now, have you noted the caps? They wear two? Why two? Isn’t that redundant?

NO! As you’re watching Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps and the rest of America’s aquatic Olympians slicing through the water, you might notice that at the end of their races, they peel off one cap only to reveal another beneath. What’s going on there?

Swimmers wear two caps for two main reasons: stability and speed. Many swimmers wear their goggles over one swim cap but under another; the lower swim cap can wrinkle and create drag. The lower cap is generally a latex material, which stays on the head better but wrinkles more, while the upper cap is a silicon material that reduces drag in the water. In a sport where hundredths of a second matter, every tiny bit of drag can be the difference between a place on the podium with a medal and a “good-job, good-effort” now go home. A smooth surface atop the head is thus mandatory. And no, shaving the head is not as good as wearing the cap.

So, have you thought through your bag of widgets lately to reinvent something, repurpose something, find the new hidden element that makes it newer, better, stronger, more desirable?

Two swim caps is simple…and it makes a difference. You can do the same with your product and service.

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To Your Success…


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