Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Better in 2018

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Email marketing plays a big role in any business. Whether it’s announcing a new product, or new specials, getting people engaged in email can help separate you from your competitors.

Want to get better at email marketing? We’ll go over six different ways to get you better at generating more leads with your emails.

1. Create Your Own Images

Get creative. People will get bored of generic stock photos with each email real quick. If you’re able to come up with new graphics with each new email, people are more likely to get engaged.

2. Come up with a schedule

Set a schedule for yourself and stick with it. You will want to be consistent when sending your marketing emails that way people aren’t forgetting about your brand. If you are too inconsistent people will more than likely loose interest in what you’re selling and unsubscribe.

3. Grow subscriber list

You will want to make sure you’re constantly getting peoples emails to keep updating your subscriber list. How do you do this? You can do this two different ways.

The first way is old fashioned. Just ask for peoples emails when you meet someone new. There’s no harm in that.

Secondly, create a form on your website that will prompt people to sign up to your emails. Offer a discount of sorts, or a small reward for singing up. Everyone likes free stuff!

4. Welcome Emails

When you do get a few new emails, send out a welcome email. You don’t want them to feel like they’re unwelcomed at all. You want your customers to feel like they are part of a community.

5. Manage Your Emails

Organize contacts within your subscriber list. You will want to get rid of certain address, for example ones that no longer work. The other thing to do is to separate your users into groups and send them specific emails based on their needs.

6. Reporting

Reporting needs to be done with all of your emails sent out. You will want to keep track of how they are doing that way you can switch things up if need be.

Contact Email Marketing Experts

Feel like this is going to be too much work? The Email Marketing experts at Blue Sand Group can help you with your email campaign. Call us today!

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