Why Should You Care About Title Tags

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Remember when you had to write a paper assignment in grade school? Whether it was a persuasive essay, a descriptive essay, or a narrative essay, they all had to include a title.

If you had no title on your essay, you’d get points deducted. Although it was a tiny part of your essay, it’d hurt your grade over all. Well, that’s exactly how title tags work for websites. If your website doesn’t include any title tags for your pages, it’s going to hurt your overall online presence. Without title tags, search engines and customers will have a hard time finding you.

What are Title Tags

Title tags are exactly what they sound like. A title for each page that’s on your website. They are very important because it’s how search engines and visitors see what your website is all about.

Title tags are displayed on your page’s tab, anchor text, and on search engine results. On the back end of your website, title tags belong in the head element of your website.

How To Write The Perfect Title Tag

When creating a title tag, here are the most important things to keep in mind:

You must make it relevant

Your title tag must relate to what’s on the page. If your title tag fails to describe what’s on the page, it will hurt your website’s reputation.  


If you’re looking on ranking for a specific keywords, this is the place to start. 

Business name

Including your business name in the title tag is a great idea, but if it’s not an important keywords you’re trying to rank for, included after the keywords.


Always be cautious about the length of title tags. They must be between 50 – 60 characters long, including spaces.

Do not duplicate title tags

You might have written two different essays on the same topic, but you would never use the same title. Make sure all your title tags are different.

Search Engine Optimization in Long Beach

Title tags is just a little snippet about search engine optimization. Making sure your SEO is strategically planned is very crucial for your business.

Without a SEO strategy, search engines, browsers, and customers will have a difficult time in finding you. Here at BSG we focus on search engine optimization.

Our SEO experts focus on optimizing your webpage to rank up high on search engine results page, maintain a great online presence, and get a good return on investment.

To learn more on how an SEO strategy can help your business, call us today!

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