Twitter Releases NEW 280 Character Count Limit

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Twitter decided to double the character count for tweets and the Internet’s mind melted with all the new possibilities.

Whereas before your random thoughts had to be so utterly limited, now you can basically write a novel to tell the world why you’re suddenly #TeamSteve after Stranger Things 2.

Team Steve Stranger Things 2
With that hair and those moves, how could you not be?


The new Twitter count was tested a few weeks ago but not yet available to the masses. While a majority of users have this new freedom, others will have to wait a while longer.


Bedazzled Crying Gif
When your friend tells you they got the 280 count and you didn’t.


Some Twitter users have been iffy about the new update, to say the least…


John Dingell Tweet

Chrissy Teigen Tweet

The Meccanism Tweet


…while others fully embraced it in the only logical way…


Law & Order SVU Tweet
*DUN DUN* was absolutely necessary.


We’re on board with the new Twitter count. From a business standpoint, there are more possibilities in describing products, services, and promotions. Is it necessary for personal use? That’s up for debate, especially when you have users like this:


Pat Kiloran Tweet
It’s not a blessing when you spew lies like that, PAT.


Let us know what you think about the Twitter update in the comments!


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