Unplanned Marketing Pt. 2

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Unplanned Marketing part 2

Keep in mind that any stray away from core work creates Unplanned Marketing. Those off the beaten track forays create new non-working assets that cost nothing and offer potential enhancement of the brand, culture and continuous planning process if you grab control early and maintain it throughout the process.

Unplanned Marketing isn’t a new term, it comes from the world of enterprise IT where they call it unplanned work. That term identified a notion that anything NOT on the absolute path, was an aberration and would detract from everything. Therefore, extra time and effort had to be expended to destroy it; only the pure advertising track could prevail. Such arrogance by marketers lead to losing ground when other viral elements took hold for rivals and sent the other guys soaring, while the true believers lagged.

The powers that be believe that any activity in an IT organization that cannot be mapped to an authorized project, procedure, or change request, creates unplanned work to eliminate the interloper. They never see it as a positive or an addition because of the old bugaboo – “Not Invented Here” therefore it has no value.

Therefore Unplanned Marketing creates slumped shoulders and political infighting since the positive aspects cannot be realized. To introduce and position their brand at the intersection of cultural relevance and what the brand stands for, with the ultimate end goal being to grow market share for the organization, creativity must give way to what we call psychosclerosis —a hardening of the attitudes.

Now I know what you might be thinking, much of this sounds nothing like traditional or even digital marketing and, while that is true, when you break it down, all of this discipline is comprised of a few core components. The process is a set of principles known as The Triad Paths:

Comprehensive Thought

The outcome of comprehensive thought is: never pass a known defect downstream. Never allow local optimization to create global degradation. Always seek to increase and achieve profound understanding.

Redundant Reference

The outcome of Redundant Reference is: understanding and responding to all customers, internal and external, shortening and amplifying all feedback, and embedding knowledge where it is most needed.

Culture of Constant Learning and Improvement

The outcome of this culture is: allocating time for the enhancement of daily work, creating habits that reward the team for taking risks, and introducing faults into the system to increase resilience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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