Using Analytics To Improve Your Video Marketing

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There have been quite a few studies that have demonstrated just how compelling videos are to consumers. Eye-tracking studies demonstrate that people are naturally drawn to search results with videos, even more than they’re drawn to the top results. People are more likely to watch through a video than they are to read all the way through an article. So videos not only attract more viewers, they also engage those viewers longer. And you can use analytics to improve your video marketing even further.

So what are the advantages analytics offer when it comes to video? For one thing, it’s easier to track just how engaged people are with video content than with any other type of online content. With a blog post, for instance, you can mostly just track how many people visit the page and how many click on the link to the call to action. So you don’t know how much time they spend reading the post, and what the difference is between those who follow the call to action and those who do not.

That is not the case when it comes to video. There is much more data available on how people are watching videos. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, you can look at analytics for your videos here. There’s plenty of information you would expect, like how people find your videos (through search or links), how many viewers like or share your videos, and whether they’re watching on YouTube or seeing it embedded somewhere else. Crucially, there’s also information about how long viewers are watching your videos, and you can use that data to really fine-tune your videos to maximize their effectiveness.

Video Marketing

Let’s say that you’ve produced a video, and you’re looking at the metrics analyzing your video. If you notice that not enough people are watching long enough to convert, start looking for the time when you see significant declines in the number of viewers. You can shorten your videos to make sure that people are seeing your pitch in the time they’re likely to spend watching.

Similarly, if the number of people watching quickly drops at the beginning, you should consider how you’re describing the video on your social media accounts and website. Attracting large numbers of views is all well and good, but you may get more conversions with clear descriptions of what viewers should expect.

BSG can help your business get the most out of video marketing, especially for your social media campaign. Our videographers and editors have the experience and the tools to create videos that leave an impression on viewers. Whether you’re looking to go viral with a high quality production or simply to convey your business’s message with a personal touch, BSG can make your vision reality. Or if you already have some footage recorded, BSG can help you edit that video and make it stand out from the rest of the pack. If your business is looking to use video marketing, contact BSG today to get started.

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