Using Icons On Your Website Will Communicate Your Message Clearly

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The reason why you should use icons on your website is because they convey your meaning rapidly. People have been using similar principles for a very long time. We see icons throughout our daily life, whether we’re looking at traffic signs or at the stores in shopping centers.

In potential customer perspective of your website, we will consider a business that provides supplies to a variety of industries. A written list or grid can help clients find details about what businesses provides for their particular industry. but icons (like a red cross for hospital, or a telephone for communications) will communicate that more quickly and also draw the client in.

Benefits To Using Icons

The benefit to using icons is that it easily catches people’s attention. Icons have an a appealing look, making it easy for people to find relevant information fast. If you’re describing your service or product features in bullet points, replacing them with small icons can benefit you. It makes your content stand out, and makes it easy for people to remember you.

Icons are particularly useful on websites with a responsive design or on the mobile version of your business’s site. Their ability to catch people’s eyes is especially beneficial when people are quickly scrolling down the page on mobile devices. They help to save space by replacing text, which is valuable when designing a website for use on smaller screens.

When you’re thinking about using icons on your website, there are a couple of things to carefully consider. If you found an appealing icon that is fairly detailed, keep in mind how it will look on different screens. The details may not be apparent on a smartphone screen, so customers will be confused. And what people think when they see an icon is the most important thing. So using icons that commonly have a specific meaning for a different purpose will also confuse your website’s visitors.

We often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. For your business’s website, using icons is a great way to replace plain titles and enhance blocks of text. If your business is looking to create a new website or update an existing one, BSG can help. Our programmers and web designers have ample experience designing sites with visual appeal that are also easy to navigate. So if you’re looking for a website that will set you apart from the competition, contact BSG today to learn more.

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