Video Marketing And B2B Companies

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At first glance, many people might assume video marketing is more for businesses aiming to attract the youngest demographics. However, there is ample evidence that people across all demographics prefer video. And this infographic shows that business executives are a great audience for video marketing. It states that three-quarters of all executives watch work-related videos weekly, and over half share those videos with colleagues each week. Furthermore, nearly 60% of executives state that they prefer video over text.

Benefits to Video Marketing

So it’s clear that executives are watching videos relevant to their business and industry, but there are even more benefits to video marketing worth taking into account. For one thing, the presence of videos makes a positive impact on your business’s SEO. Video content appears more frequently in Google’s search results than any other type of content, and this is important because many executives use search engines as part of their research. In addition, people are more likely to watch an entire video than read an entire article or white paper. By creating videos, you ensure that more people will see your whole marketing pitch, including the call to action.

Despite the clear advantages video marketing offers, many businesses are hesitant to actually engage in it. Often, they’re worried about whether they can actually create video that will be interesting, useful, or (ideally) both. However, creating successful videos for your business is less complicated than you may think. You can conduct straightforward, talking head-style interviews with key employees as they explain what your business has to offer. You can also do demonstrations, behind the scenes tours of your business, or even case studies.

Whatever type of video you choose to use, it’s important to have a clear purpose. For B2B companies, focusing on the problems your business solves is a great first step in creating an effective video. The decision makers at the businesses you’re looking to work with are most interested in solving the problems they encounter each day. If, for example, you can show how your manufacturing company produces reliable prototypes quicker than the competition, you will really grab their attention.

Video Marketing in Long Beach

If you’re considering video marketing for your business, be sure to contact BSG. Our videographers will give your videos a professional touch that separates you from the competition. If you have an idea for a video, we will work to make that dream come to life. Or we can develop an idea for your business that will highlight your strengths.

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