Video Marketing That Excels On Mobile

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It’s important to provide people with eye-catching visuals that will pique their interest. It helps to catch their attention. On mobile devices (and particularly on smartphones), it is even more important. Smartphone users are typically reluctant to wade through a large block of text to learn more about your business. On a small screen, text can really be daunting, while videos are quite convenient. In fact, videos typically take up the full screen on smartphones, so they enable you to maximize the space available and really hold people’s attention.

In years past, the biggest hurdle to watching video on mobile devices was data limits. People would watch video at home or at work, but they would tend to avoid it when they were out and about. Of course, data limits are still an issue, but there are now more free Wi-Fi spots than ever before. Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars all routinely offer Wi-Fi to their patrons, and many other businesses have followed suit. So it’s now easier than ever for people to watch video on their smartphones, and your videos can now reach them as they’re waiting for a table or even when they’re shopping.

Things to Consider for Video Marketing

There are a few elements to consider when designing videos for mobile users. Because mobile users (especially the ones you’re targeting) are frequently busy and active, you’ll want to create shorter videos that they’ll have time to watch all the way through so they see your call to action. You’ll also want to capture their attention in the opening seconds of the video, especially if you’re using Facebook video. Facebook videos will autoplay in mobile users’ News Feeds, so you have a real opportunity to reach both new and existing customers.

Think about how viewed should view your video. Would it be better vertically or horizontally? Before mobile devices, essentially all video was shot with a horizontal perspective. And up until now, videos shot vertically have been derided. However, mobile video platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, and Snapchat are all typically viewed vertically. Videos and ads shown on those sites perform much better when they are shot vertically. For the most popular video platforms (like YouTube and Facebook), you should still create horizontally-oriented videos.

Video Marketing in Long Beach

BSG can help your business create videos that will set you apart from the competition. Our professional videographers and editors can design videos for a wide variety of tones, from eye-catching videos that will excite your audience to informative videos that convey your business’s experience and professionalism to prospective clients. Take a look at all of the services we offer here, and contact BSG today to learn more.

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