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It’s coming. Voice search is on the rise and you need to have your site optimized accordingly. But these search terms are different than what you  search for on a desktop or mobile device.

Ready to dive into this brave new world of optimization? Here is how you should optimize your site for voice.

Think Differently

It is time to broaden your horizons. Voice search is on the rise. However, there is certainly no need to panic.

You just have to think a bit different. Get inside the minds of your users.

Why are they on your site to begin with? What brought them there?

Don’t just throw your keywords onto a page. Think about what question people asked themselves that led to your site being the answer to a question.

Best Practices

One of the best ways you can optimize for this is to come up with content surrounding the question you think people are asking.

If optimized correctly, your article should show up in one of Google’s featured snippets. That is an extremely important component to voice search.

What is a featured snippet? It is those articles that show up at the very top of the search engine that answer people’s questions. That is where you need to be in order to be relevant in the voice optimization world.

Is this important?

In short, yes.

Search Engine Land sates that Google Home will say the name of your website and will send a link to the app when a user asks it a question. Think for a second about what that could do for your site.

It will certainly increase your visibility on the leading search engine, drawing more traffic to your website than ever before.

And if people are satisfied with your answer, there is no doubt that they will be back when they have another question.

Voice Optimization Experts

Ready to get ahead of the game? Contact the SEO experts at Blue Sand Group today! You don’t want to fall behind your competitors.

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