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With the most creative and professional website designers, Blue Sand Group builds distinctive, leading edge websites using the most advanced platforms in the industry. To determine which platform is right for you, your needs and budget, BSG examines your situation and goals to best match you with the CMS or programming language to best ensure your success. Close collaboration with you allows BSG to obtain a better understanding of how you want to be perceived and whom you want to target. From there, we tailor unique, creative designs and functionality to attract the appropriate audience to your site and keep them interested.

Blue Sand Group brings balance. Beyond the basics of web design, we have a very pronounced human component. We take the time to really get to know you and your business in order to fully formulate a working website and marketing plan that absolutely reflects exactly what your business is and what it does. This in turn, creates the ultimate user experience, appealing to your audience and potential customers. Then we take it further by tracking strategies and campaigns to help you expand and move forward confidently and assertively.

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Design in Detail

We focus on every detail from our initial meeting all the way to the end of the project. To us, every pixel counts, every word is meaningful, and we want to make sure that you are well beyond merely “excited” about your website. Attracting viewers is important.

However, visitor’s experience and user interface is vital to converting potential customers into buying clients. Attractive structure and alluring layout of every page — even contact forms and call to action buttons should be enticing. Content must be sparkling and strategically placed to capture your client’s attention and imagination while fulfilling their needs and wants.

Our team of designers keep all of this in mind in order to conceive a strategic yet beautiful custom website for you, and most importantly, your clients.

We Create Innovative Websites

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We create innovative and professional websites for small businesses. Through our forward thinking and original designs, users will know exactly who you are and what you do, turning the user into your customer.



Simplify your online efforts with a content management system, or CMS for short. Features of a CMS system vary, but most include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, indexing, search, and retrieval.



Make sure your website is on the leading edge for mobile viewing by being completely responsive and designed with mobile SEO at the forefront. Blue Sand Group will help you create a mobile site viewable on any device.



In rebuilding your site, BSG is equipped with highly knowledgeable programmers well versed in multiple coding languages: CSS, HTML5, PHP, Java and more. We will be pleased to take your site capabilities to the next level.



Without such professional help, the marvelous picture you post may present itself as bland or worthless to the average viewer. BSG will create images that transform everything visual on your site to attract and sell.



Looking for App development in Long Beach? Our team of leading-edge programmers and designers will create a beautiful, intuitive app and mobile website for your business according to your specifications and with an eye to future updates and features.

Development where every pixel counts.

We build your website with the strongest foundation, allowing for improvements and updates while still maintaining the true integrity of your website. Every BSG site is hand coded and developed with the latest technologies and languages to best suit your site for initial development and future additions. We design your site optimally so every user will have an equally effortless experience - keeping load times down and having your website run smoothly without errors. Using the most current platforms make updates easy, allowing you to make your own changes should you choose to. However, we love making changes for our clients whether big or small.

Most websites are mere billboards along the digital superhighway. Interaction is crucial to bringing seekers to a stop in front of your website to take a look.

Responsive Design is here.

Tablet Responsive Websites Desktop responsive website Mobile Responsive Sites

Responsive Design Examples

Computer Screen Image of the Ad Auditor

Responsive Web Design

Magicians used to call the practice “Sleight of Hand” — being able to move and adjust an object so quickly that the eye cannot fully comprehend it. Thus, the outcome, whatever the Magician does, appears as “magic.” So, take that wonderful stretch when you have your website splashed across your 52” widescreen TV… Impressive, isn’t it? Now, how does it look when at 3 inches tall and turned vertically? Does your site spin and resize as fast as the hand holding the device? Does the site move all content to a usable configuration. Most important: can they still view and push the purchase button?

With recent updates from Google and the increase of consumers using their smartphones to surf the web and make their purchases, a mobile responsive site has become an absolute necessity. We take the design of your website and insure every pixel gets converted into mobile friendliness. Every effort is made to encourage the pressing of that “Buy” button. Having a leading edge mobile responsive site has become an absolute necessity. BSG has those tech magicians who can take the design of your website and insure every pixel gets converted into mobile friendliness. Every effort is made to encourage the pressing of that “Buy” button.

Mobile Responsive Design is when a website is responsive; the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are presented on. A responsive website intuitively alters to fit the device you’re using. Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive design has been aimed at: widescreen desktop, laptop, tablet, and the mobile phone.

Why Should You Care About Mobile Responsive Design?

In all seriousness, you should care because you want any and all visitors to your website to have the best experience possible, without having to gyrate themselves or the device to enjoy your site.

There are essentially two ways you can give your audience a good experience utilizing responsive design:

1) Optimize the layout of the content.

If a user is browsing from a mobile phone, they generally don’t have a lot of screen landscape to work with. Phones today will typically zoom out automatically, so that the entire website can be seen onscreen. This can be good, as it gives the reader access to the entire sight, but it can also be frustrating when trying to find information that is located in a tiny part of the upper right of the screen. If you could move some things around, make some things bigger and not have as many columns you’ll give your mobile reader a much better experience.

2) Adapt the content that is shown.

If you own any business and a potential customer is browsing your site from a mobile phone, chances are they aren’t concerned with how pretty your site may display. Yes, your wonderfully crafted blog with the awesome slideshow of widgets scrolling from side to side isn’t very useful to them. They want to know what your hours are, where you’re located, how to make reservations, and want a look at the products they need.

These are obviously generalizations but you can see the benefits of having differing content presented to people in different screen viewing circumstances.

Mobile responsive design takes care of this all “on the fly”, and without multiple versions of your site to maintain. Having a mobile responsive site also increases your website's ranking with Google.

Make sure your website ranks.

Does your website rank? Or is it rank? That is the difference. Little, minute elements make a huge difference in how sites are perceived by algorithms, analytics and web spiders that continually crawl through everything. Slight mismatches send your site tumbling. We produce all of our sites with leading edge search engine optimization in mind. SEO changes constantly and we work hard to stay ahead of it. Keeping all coding clean and html structure current with all of Google’s updates consistently helps your Google rankings.

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