What The *Bleep* Is Off Page SEO?

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A new client asked us recently what Off-Page SEO was. So, we thought we would dedicate this week’s article to Off-Page SEO – if this client had this question, maybe other clients do too.

Off Page SEO is similar to On Page SEO (SEO as you know it) in the sense that it improves and assists your website in ranking well on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However, the difference between the two is in the name – SEO tactics, practices and activities off your page, in other words, off your website.

link building and social media in long beach

Two of the most productive uses of Off Page SEO, is through social media and link building.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Provide informative and relevant information on your website…

Relevant and informative content (and a lot of it) is key to getting in the good graces of Google. And, if you’re in the good graces of Google, others will want to be associated with you as well – other websites will want to ‘link’ to your website. It’s like having the popular kid in school tell everyone you’re popular. They will then want to be associated with you too.

You see, Google has the entire world as their customer and wants to keep it that way. If Google pulled up just any website that happened to have a keyword pulled from your search but wasn’t necessarily relevant nor informative, most likely you would get frustrated, possibly use a different search engine and your trust in Google to pull the most relevant and informative content and website would dwindle.

Further, by having highly useful content, you’re more likely to get mentioned (or, “tagged”) and be used as a trusted source on social media.

That’s right, folks. Social media plays a large role in SEO.

All those Facebook likes, tweets and re-tweets, +1’s, all of it tells Google you’re someone to pay attention to. In turn, Google starts to pull you up in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as one of their more popular ‘friends’ and, in turn, others want to be associated with you and the world (Google’s customers) wants to visit your site. And it all starts with providing relevant and useful information (content).

What does all this hard work do for you…?

Your website will increase in rankings. Meaning that you will rank higher in SERPs.

Your PageRank will increase. Instead of coming up on the second page, your website will start to appear on the first page. It will then move its way up the first page ladder.

Exposure. If youre on the first page then your site will have more visits than those on the second page and beyond. And this means a higher ROI, social mentions, new customers and clients, etc.

The world of SEO is in-depth, ever-changing and a lot of work. But, with patience, great content, consistent social media, and of course, an excellent digital marketing firm to help you out, you will find a nice ROI around the corner and know that all of it was worthwhile.

Keep in touch for more ‘informative’ content on SEO. Thanks again for stopping by for another week in our SEO Learning Corner.

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