Where Will You Set Your Standard?

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Where will you set your standard?

That is the question you, as a business owner, must ask yourself constantly. As a society, we are moving towards greater access to information than ever before. Every industry, and their value chains are being transformed by leading edge and improved software on a regular basis. The most valuable companies today have technology at the backbone.

The most profound changes, however, are those you never see. They are major, but they are seamless. You aren’t conscious of them. You might not even notice how profoundly your competitors, your industry, even the whole world is changing. But noticing, and even more important, understanding the implications, is key to realizing your true potential.

You may shy away from change because it moves faster than you do, is more complex than your understanding, or may cost more than you want to pay. However, new technology has the power to unlock ideas that even science fiction couldn’t have predicted just half a decade ago.

Seriously, the only thing holding you back from further success is your imagination. Technology is not the end result. It is merely the tool to get you to your destination, better, quicker, more productively.

You may sell ordinary widgets, but everything is entering a new era of the creative enterprise. The challenge is to find the people at the center of this transition. Having some of the most creative people helping your enterprise, holding a front row seat where you can watch your addressable market more than double, and having the ability to systemize how your best marketing ideas reach more customers opens up an entirely new set of professional possibilities. Channelling your funds toward the best uses each month while trimming away from less reliable results could easily give your business the foothold needed to reach new standards of excellence in sales, production and outreach to new and existing clients.

In short, you set the standard. The question is WHERE will you set the standard?

The very best of your competition are also setting standards. If you lag, they end up creating the goals you will have to attain, just to keep the pace.

Will you keep up with the pace…or set the pace?

That’s where you see the huge impact of something so seemingly simple. Standards become really powerful once there’s the ability to create it. When you set the standard other companies have no choice but to comply. When and how a standard actually gets set changes everybody’s successes after that.

Therein lies the power of standards. As standards are created they are then adopted. They can rapidly change how a system functions and how competition and the industry respond

Marketing as an entire genre has been drastically altered by the Internet, especially in terms of new channels and media used to communicate with customers. But the new, robust standards it set has more profoundly impacted marketing than just customer impact—it has led marketers to adopt additional standards in measuring success and value. When the measures of success and value change, so do you, especially if you are not the one designing and setting those new goals to achieve.

Standards, regardless of origin, possess the power to enable or ability to hinder growth when they aren’t questioned or tested. It’s the invisible power of standards that makes the exploration of them all the more important.

If an entire industry as we know it today was shaped by a few ideas of how to utilize the digital domain—what other areas of your life and business are formed by how we communicate, and how we measure success…moveable goalposts?

This is why you contact Blue Sand Group. Establish and maintain the leading edge. Do it right now, before the pace of things…and your competition, moves past you. Call BSG today.

To Your Success…

Scott Ringwelski

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