YouTube’s Cards Will Ensure That Desktop And Mobile Users See Your Message

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YouTube cards work in a very straightforward manner. You can apply the card to one specific video, after selecting from one of the available card types. The cards most relevant to businesses are probably the associated website card and the video and playlist card. Clicking on these cards will lead the viewer to the website associated with the video or to other relevant videos, respectively.

How Youtube Cards Help Your Business

If you do want your card to direct people to your business’s site, in most cases you will want them to be headed towards your homepage. You might also consider directing them to a landing page designed specifically for the campaign your video is promoting. Once you’ve selected a card type, you can then add the image, title, and call-to-action text that will display on the card.

You will be able to specify the time in the video when the card’s teaser will display, just like you were able to do with annotations. The card will display when the teaser is clicked on. Viewers will also be able to see the teasers any other time the YouTube player controls are visible, which works both on mobile and desktop.

Youtube Cards Benefit Mobile Reach

The fact that cards will display properly on mobile devices is the biggest reason to use them. At the moment, about fifty percent of all YouTube views come from mobile devices, and this number is only growing. YouTube cards are designed to display on mobile, and their appearance and size will be adjusted to the size of the screen being used.

That is part of the advantage of using card-based design. The square card is easy to adjust and move around for different screen sizes. Cards also give the messages a cleaner, less cluttered look. Annotations gained a bit of a reputation for being annoying, because they filled the screen up with messages and that frustrated viewers. Keep that in mind when you add cards to your videos. You don’t want teasers for cards to pop up every few seconds, because that only will distract viewers from your message. Instead, include only one or two, and viewers will be more likely to interact with the cards.

At the moment, cards and annotations will coexist on YouTube, but the platform plans to phase out annotations over time. Cards will help you move viewers from YouTube and social media to your website. BSG can help you create and edit videos that will convey your business’s message. Our experienced videographers can create high quality, professional videos that showcase your business’s strengths in just the right light. We also have the tools to edit your video so that it really shines. We will ensure that your video is distributed across all of the most important social networks. So contact BSG today to learn more.

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