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    Professional Web Design

    The internet is primarily a visual medium. No matter what your industry, you want visitors to be welcomed by your website, immersed and enchanted. Web 2.0 has been defined by ease of use and personalization. A cluttered site that confuses newcomers will send them searching elsewhere for a smoother experience.

    BSG can build for you a modern website that glides on the eyes. If you already have a pro site, our programmers and designers can discuss ways to optimize it for even better search results.

    Reputation Protection

    The internet’s 24/7 connection is a double-edged sword. Staying in touch with your customers on social media and through your site allows you to inform them of news and deals the instant they become available. They can give you feedback and spread word of mouth faster than ever before. By the same token, there is nothing to stop disgruntled customers from sounding off on whatever they don’t like.

    BSG is a full service online marketing firm. That means that our work includes upholding your brand’s reputation. We will run defense for you, penning anti-inflammatory blogs or articles and ensuring that your fans will rally to your side.

    Social Networking

    Your brand’s social media presence is no longer a quaint bonus to going online but an absolute necessity.

    Staying connected to your customers is the best way to target your advertising, the best way to keep a thumb on the pulse of your demographic and the only way to become a trusted resource for prospective customers.

    BSG builds your social profiles with the same care that we put into your website. We will regularly update on the most prominent social networks and branch into new social platforms as they emerge.

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    There’s a reason SEO and online marketing are hailed as the successors to traditional marketing. What television and print ads were never able to track was just exactly who was getting the message and how often an ad led to a conversion.

    With Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you not only have the assurance that the ads you pay for are having an effect, you can also set up a sales path via landing pages and targeted offers.

    The sales experts at BSG will design beautiful PPC ads and keep you regularly updated on their effectiveness, tailoring them according to their results and making the metrics fully available to you.


    What distinguishes BSG from competing ad firms is our personal touch and our transparency. Our desire to meet with you does not begin and end with a handshake sealing our partnership. We want you to understand every stage of our marketing plan for your business. We will not retreat into a cyber corner and hide behind technical terminology.

    Our goal is to make you a stronger online entity. To do that we will keep you regularly informed on our progress building out your site, crafting original content, updating your social platforms and the status of your targeted ads. We will explain your site metrics in clear, comprehensible language and work with you to keep those results going up.

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    Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition, is yet to be developed...Abraham Lincoln


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    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it...Confucius

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