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    Professional Web Design

    The internet is primarily a visual medium. No matter what your industry, you want visitors to be welcomed by your website, immersed and enchanted. Web 2.0 has been defined by ease of use and personalization. A cluttered site that confuses newcomers will send them searching elsewhere for a smoother experience.

    BSG can build for you a modern website that glides on the eyes. If you already have a pro site, our programmers and designers can discuss ways to optimize it for even better search results.

    Reputation Protection

    The internet’s 24/7 connection is a double-edged sword. Staying in touch with your customers on social media and through your site allows you to inform them of news and deals the instant they become available. They can give you feedback and spread word of mouth faster than ever before. By the same token, there is nothing to stop disgruntled customers from sounding off on whatever they don’t like.

    BSG is a full service online marketing firm. That means that our work includes upholding your brand’s reputation. We will run defense for you, penning anti-inflammatory blogs or articles and ensuring that your fans will rally to your side.

    Social Networking

    Your brand’s social media presence is no longer a quaint bonus to going online but an absolute necessity.

    Staying connected to your customers is the best way to target your advertising, the best way to keep a thumb on the pulse of your demographic and the only way to become a trusted resource for prospective customers.

    BSG builds your social profiles with the same care that we put into your website. We will regularly update on the most prominent social networks and branch into new social platforms as they emerge.

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    There’s a reason SEO and online marketing are hailed as the successors to traditional marketing. What television and print ads were never able to track was just exactly who was getting the message and how often an ad led to a conversion.

    With Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you not only have the assurance that the ads you pay for are having an effect, you can also set up a sales path via landing pages and targeted offers.

    The sales experts at BSG will design beautiful PPC ads and keep you regularly updated on their effectiveness, tailoring them according to their results and making the metrics fully available to you.


    What distinguishes BSG from competing ad firms is our personal touch and our transparency. Our desire to meet with you does not begin and end with a handshake sealing our partnership. We want you to understand every stage of our marketing plan for your business. We will not retreat into a cyber corner and hide behind technical terminology.

    Our goal is to make you a stronger online entity. To do that we will keep you regularly informed on our progress building out your site, crafting original content, updating your social platforms and the status of your targeted ads. We will explain your site metrics in clear, comprehensible language and work with you to keep those results going up.


    The History of Google’s Search Equation

    In 2006 both the Oxford English and Merriam-Webster dictionaries added the verb “google” to their pages. Though Google itself resists the public’s broad use of the term to dissuade them from genericizing its trademark, it’s difficult to believe the company didn’t feel just a touch of pride. After all, it achieved this landmark less than a decade after Google.com was first registered as a domain. Co-founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in September 1997, Google began as an outgrowth of the same Stanford servers that had hosted the duo’s first search engine, BackRub, in 1995.
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    A Properly Designed Landing Page Will Keep Customers Interested

    Whether you're advertising through social media, SEO, or pay-per-click ads, you're usually trying to drive people to your website. Those social posts, search results, and ads are often about a particular product or service your business provides. But if you're just sending potential customers to your homepage, chances are some of them will lose interest before they find the information they’re looking for on your site. One way to really keep their attention is to use a landing page. A landing page is a single page on your website that…
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    Can You Improve Your SEO With Social Media?

    Over the past few years, experts have debated the impact of social media on search results. And while Google doesn't currently take into account actions such as likes or retweets, it is clear that (at the very least) social media is affecting the factors that search engines take into account. Indeed, studies like this one show that social media actions have one of the strongest correlations with search result ranks. While correlation is not the same thing as causation, we can certainly see that there's no better way to get…
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    Instagram Can Provide The Content You Need

    We hear over and over how content marketing is crucial. It's important that your business offer consumers something that will attract and hold their attention. At the same time, people have increasingly moved their online activity to mobile devices. And on those mobile devices, they are more likely to be interested in visuals. Using Instagram in your online marketing addresses all of these concerns, and it gives you access to the site's 200 million or so active users. If you haven't already signed your business up for Instagram, you can…
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    Is Your Website Responsive To Mobile Devices?

    It's a fact of everyday life that we now look at websites through several different platforms: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. On the whole, this is a terrific thing. The web is a growing part of our lives, so people now have more opportunities to look at your business's website. And like any opportunity, there's also a challenge involved. The challenge is that these technologies have different qualities, so what looks good on a desktop may be unreadable on a smartphone.
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    As Mobile Use Continues to Grow, Is Your Business Adapting?

    Smartphones and mobile devices have quickly become crucial parts of our culture. Go anywhere out in public, and you will see people absolutely glued to their phones. A recent Pew Research study estimates that 58% of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 42% own tablets. As people are spending more and more time on these devices, it's important to ask whether your business has adapted to the changing environment.
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    How Google's Pigeon Update Affects SEO For Local Businesses

    Search engine optimization is a constant process. The big search engines are constantly tweaking the algorithms that determine which pages are displayed by different searches, as well as the order in which those pages appear. They also make bigger changes designed to promote good, relevant sites and weed out less desirable ones. Google's Panda, Hummingbird, and Pigeon algorithms are well known and recent examples of the kinds of changes anyone doing SEO must deal with to stay on top. Pigeon is the most recent of those changes, and it focuses…
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    You Should Feature Multiple Social Networks In Your Online Marketing

    Social media has quickly become part of our everyday lives. It has also become an essential part of any online marketing strategy. However, focusing on just one platform is really like putting all of your eggs in one basket. Using a diverse array of social media allows you to reach more potential customers, and it allows you to better target their interests.
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    Why You Should Consider YouTube Marketing

    Let's begin with some eye popping statistics about YouTube. A total of 188 million Americans watch YouTube every month. The average American internet user watches 265 videos every month, and 40% of that is on mobile devices. The most popular YouTube videos last 3 minutes on average. Half of all teens say that YouTube is their favorite website, and at the same time TV viewing among young people has been declining for years.
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    Understanding Domain Purchasing Service

    I have always been a proponent of clients having control of their web properties. Having access to your logins and understanding how your domains and hosting are purchased, help give you peace of mind to know that someone else does not have control of your website. It can also save you money and headaches as well. It All Looks Very Official Last week I was sorting through the daily mail and I came across something of interest. It had an official title regarding domain registration services. Now normally these things…
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    Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

    A reoccurring problem that we seem to address frequency is the lack of control client’s have over their web properties. Because it can be very confusing, companies will want their web developer or SEO provider to take care of everything. While it is important that your online marketing company is responsive and proactive, the client should take some responsibility or at least have all of the relevant information for their website. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to have better control of your web properties. Purchasing…
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