2018 SEO Trends Pt. 2

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We are back with part two of our 2018 SEO trends. This week is focusing on voice search, mobile ready, a new kind of link, and even has some SERP talk (one of our favorite things).

Use Your Voice

Voice search is growing quickly, quicker than type text, according to Google. That brings new challenges to SEO experts when they’re writing copy.

How so? People who use voice search often use full sentences/questions. Start tailoring your pages to be optimized accordingly.

Go Mobile

More than 50% of searches are coming from mobile devices and that number should continue to grow. That means that your website needs to be mobile friendly.

It can be a daunting process, but you will certainly see an increase in visitors when your website is fully mobile.

Check Your Links

Forget what you know about links. Links used to be one of, if not the most important indicators of an authoritative site. The more good, quality links you had to your site, it was likely that your website would be ranked higher.

But now, mentions of your brand are becoming an ever important indicator of how to rank your website. According to SEO Power Rank, search engines will be monitoring this even more so.

Personalized SERPs

It seems as if SERPs evolving year after year. That is a good thing. You don’t a search engine to become to stale. Nowadays, SERPs keep track of user information which can include location, previous search history, and more.

And now, when a user clicks on your website, the major search engines will remember that click and automatically move it higher organically.

If you really want to see where your site is being ranked, make sure that the browser you’re using is set to incognito. This will give you unbiased search results with each keyword you use.

Contact BSG SEO Trends Experts

Want to get ahead of your competitors in 2018?  Make sure to contact the SEO experts at Blue Sand Group today. You don’t want to fall behind the SEO trends for next year.

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