5 Ways to Use SEO for Your Niche Market

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1. Be Specific: The more specific you get with your targeted words and links, the more closely your site will get traffic from people looking specifically for the information you have to offer. Users are searching for ‘long tail keywords’ such as “Long Beach Pizza Delivery” instead of “Pizza Delivery”, users want better results. So,  the more specific you are with your keywords, the better your SEO response will be.

2. Use Detailed Analytics: Google and AdWords can give you a tremendous amount of information about SEO keywords, such as Google Keyword Planner. This program provides the competition to rank for the keyword, the amount of times its been searched within the last month, viewable impressions along with other factors.

3. Incorporate Social Media: It’s important to include your niche keywords in your social media posts. This allows the user and Google to associate you with this niche. Hashtags are very valuable, with the correct use of hashtags, it allows both individuals people to search for each part and gives Google more of a reason to reference what you linked to.

4. Stay Unique and Genuine: It’s important that the content you produce is relevant to your niche but also unique to your brand and voice. It’s very easy to dismiss an account that only posts promotional pieces that don’t engage the reader.

5. Maintain a Voice: Your tone and humor are important factors when producing intriguing content. Maintain the same tone and ensure that your content is interesting and keeps the reader entertained. You want to get your point across, while keeping the readers attention.

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