Recent Changes To Google’s Local Search Results

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Google groups the three top businesses in the area in a distinct box. It also displays their locations on a map. It allows people to quickly determine how far they are from each business. There’s also an option to show more results. This is a big departure from the past, when the top seven businesses in the category and area were displayed. The businesses that fall outside of the top three will likely see less traffic coming from local searches, and the top results may see a boost.

While the rise of mobile devices has been a boon for local search, it’s likely the cause of this change. Showing three results instead of seven looks better on smaller screens. That’s how these results have been displayed on mobile devices. As Google has moved to unify the experience for mobile and desktop users, they’ve now applied this three-result look to desktop searches as well.

Changes on Google’s Local Search Results

There a couple of other changes to how the results are being displayed worth noting. In the picture above, no phone numbers are visible for the top bridal shops in Long Beach. This is now the case for most local searches, though some more specific searches do include a phone number. Since people will need to click through to find a phone number, businesses may see more visits to their website. The usefulness of ads will also increase, as they’re now an even more important way to show up on the search results page.

This change to how Google displays local search results makes it even more important to focus on local SEO. The competition for those top 3 positions will only increase over time, so it’s important that your business gets a head start. Conducting local SEO is an essential part of moving up the results page, and it offers quite a few benefits. For one thing, focusing on local searches means you won’t have to compete with businesses all over the country. Instead, you’ll be contending with the competitors you’re most familiar with: the ones in your own backyard.

Mobile Marketing Service in Long Beach

On top of that, the people performing searches with location-based results are more likely to make purchases than those looking for general information. By reaching an audience more willing to spend money, you’re likely to see a higher return on your investment. If you’re looking for someone to help your business place move up the search results rankings, BSG can help. We have ample experience in SEO, and our experts know what your website and overall web presence need to really stand out from the competition. Take a look at all the services we offer here, and contact us today to learn more.

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