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You take a look at the analytics for your company’s website and notice that people aren’t staying on your site very long. What can do you do to increase your average time on site? You will have to create phenomenal content that is going to keep users coming back for more.

Here are four tips that will help you do more with your content.

Wow Your Readers

Plain and simple, if you don’t have a good enough headline, users will not continue reading your article.

How can you see which headline works best?

One of the best things you can do is to A/B test. Use similar blog articles, but with different headlines, and analyze which headlines are getting the most traction to your blog posts.

After you have gone over your data, pick which one performed better and stick with that format.

Keep Paragraphs Short

People nowadays do not have very long attention spans, myself included. That is why when you create your content, you should keep your paragraphs short.

There’s a guideline that writers typically like to follow: make your paragraphs no longer than three sentences.

The biggest proponent of this is that keeping your paragraphs to three sentences will force you to get to your point quickly. Users like that because they don’t want to have to read cluttered, unorganized thoughts.

Entice People with Images

The more visual content, i.e. images, graphs, etc., the more enticing your article will look.

Lets face it, no one wants to read 1,000 words without any breaks. You will most likely lose users within a couple of seconds, which is less than ideal.

Does Your Opinion Matter?

Afraid of sharing your opinion on topics you are interested in? Don’t be!

Regular readers of your site will want to hear your thoughts on trends, new products, different services, or whatever your area of expertise is.

And don’t fret if people from the other side are engaging you. It’s good, because you will know that your content is working.

Create Best Content from Experts at BSG

Do you not have the time to create beautifully crafted content? That is okay! We here at Blue Sand Group can help make content that users want to read.

Call us today to learn more information about what he can do for you.

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