The Front and Back Sides of Communication

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Here at BSG, every aspect of what we do, be it web design, SEO, content, or social media, deals with communications. It makes perfect sense – whether online or in the physical world we are all dealing with other people. Communication is not only critical, but unavoidable. And yes, if you pursue it, then taking the time to perfect your communication is highly desirable.

So when I came across this quotation from George Bernard Shaw, I thought it would be worth sharing with you for your thoughts and actions . . .

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
– George Bernard Shaw, playwright

That is simple enough to be profound. How often do we hear without listening? Do you know when your communication skills are at their very best…or worst? Are you fully conscience of and completely intentional with all your communications?

A study years ago at the Disney company discovered that 78% of all problems with almost every aspect of the company came from incomplete, misread, misinterpreted, badly formed communications…almost exclusively online. Trying to be too quick, too clever, too hip, too emotional, all caused major difficulties down the road.

So —

Strive to take just an extra moment to be more conscious and intentional with your communication. Insure your message was complete and completely understood. That means if you have to, ask others if they understand what you said. Just get it right the first time.

Spend far more time in planning, reviewing and clarifying messages you send – and receive. Things move too fast for us and we miss the message.

Shaw’s point is dead on point. Consider the following . . . “I told them…” “Don’t they read their email?” “Why don’t they understand?” “How many times do I have to tell them?”

Have you used those phrases this week? How many times?

We all get caught up in sending our message and assuming the other person understands. After all, it is clear to us…

It could be how we communicate or how they interpret our words. Either way it is no better than a cup and string apparatus if the message is garbled, even in our high tech world.

In the end, communication has only occurred when the message you sent has been received completely and is fully understood by others. So, we think of communication as message sent, when in reality communication is message sent AND message received.

We can control the sending of our message; we can only influence the message being received by the other person. You can’t make someone listen or make someone understand.

Here at Blue Sand Group, we find far better communications when one focuses a bit more on the receiver and a bit less on your own message – and when you stop assuming that the communication has occurred, just because you spoke.

Contact us today to learn more about improving your digital communications.

To Your Success…

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