Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Marketing

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A few years ago, it was unknown if social media was going to help business get lead calls. With the rise of mobile apps, social media and phones can connect easily more than ever. Facebook is taking advantage of this by allowing businesses to include a Call Now button on News Feed ads.

This button will enable smartphone users to call a business by tapping a button. It will make it easier for people contact your business. And phone calls will put you in touch with customers who are not only interested in what you offer, but who’re looking to make a purchase as well.

Social media sites have been important in content marketing to spread the word about your business. Pictures and videos can directly post to many of the big social platforms. Facebook is working to do the same for written content. Instant Articles currently work on Facebook’s app for a select number of partners. Facebook is looking to expand the service to other publishers and perhaps even brands. By posting content directly to Facebook, it may be read, liked, and shared more often. However, the downside to using Instant Articles is that the content is not on the content creator’s website, where they can include a call to action or other relevant information and links.

Facebook is also looking to provide your business with another way to interact with customers who are already at your business’s location. The company is offering businesses Bluetooth beacons that will enable mobile users in your area to see more information about your business when they login to Facebook. They will see a welcome note, a picture you design, and your Facebook posts. They’ll also see recommendations, posts, and pictures from their own friends regarding your business. This can be a great way to encourage your existing customers to help spread word of mouth about what you do best.

Facebook Marketing with BSG

Social media marketing can be a great way to attract new customers to your business. It can also be a challenge to manage social media accounts, particularly when the big platforms introduce changes.

BSG can help. We can provide your business with a personal social media manager, who will create a high quality presence for you on the most relevant sites, interact with your customers, and spread the word about your business. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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