How Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Is Impacting SEO

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One way to better understand the mobile update is to look at it from Google’s perspective. Google has implemented these changes to their algorithm in order to return better results for mobile users. The quality of the results they are returning is very important to Google. While it is the undisputed leader in search, Google does face a number of competitors, especially on mobile searches. Focusing on mobile is particularly important since mobile searches now account for more than half of all the searches performed.

This directly ties into one of the most noticeable changes in recent search results. The update focuses solely on search results for mobile devices, so there are now more differences between the results for mobile and desktop searches. In fact, the differences between search results for mobile and desktop users are now greater than ever before. The search results for the two have diverged more and more over the past few years, so this is actually a continuation of that trend. Interestingly, the update does not affect tablet search results, since Google considers tablets to offer a desktop-like experience.

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When we look at this in light of Google’s increasing need to compete on mobile, it makes sense. Mobile users do not want to waste time on sites that don’t work properly or limit their experience, so Google is now boosting sites that offer a better experience. Luckily, Google is giving businesses the opportunity to test whether their site is mobile friendly. Here you can find the google mobile friendly test.

It is clear at this point that the update has focused on individual web pages rather than entire sites. You might have your homepage optimized for mobile users, but doesn’t mean that the rest of your site will be fine. Pages that haven’t updated for mobile devices are quickly falling down the search result rankings on mobile device.

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If your business’s rankings worries you about being affected by Googles update, BSG is here to gladly help. Our SEO experts are well versed in adapting to the latest changes in search algorithms. We know the best practices for building up your business’s web presence and search rankings. We do so in a way that achieves lasting results. Our programmers and web designers can make sure your existing website is optimized for mobile devices, whether you want a responsive design or a mobile version of your site. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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