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Who Shows Up At Your Funeral?

Dearly Departed, we are gathered here to consider who are truly your friends and who are not. When you flee this veil of tears, have you considered who will actually attend your funeral? Statistically, on average, only 10 people are likely to even cry at your funeral, and only ⅓ of the people invited will show up if it rains.

Mark Twain once wrote that “Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”

Perhaps you don’t think it matters. But look at it another way: The people who show up at your funeral may represent the entire impact you’ve had in your lifetime. How soon will you be forgotten completely?

Relationships matter tremendously. But why? Let me share with you some recent research that might make a difference in the way you see your friends and family. I know it did for me. I think you’ll get a kick out of some of what I discovered!

Having friends helps you find work and be happier, more creative, productive, and competitive in the office.

People with a wide network of friends have less tension, suffer from less stress, have stronger immunity and live longer.

Men with healthy parent-child relationships growing up earn an average of $87,000 more per year than men with poor family relationships.

And if you don’t have pals…

Lack of social support is as harmful to heart health as smoking.

One in 10 people questioned say they do not have a close friend. Plus, 19% of people say they never or rarely feel loved.

At the end of their lives, people often admit that they wish they hadn’t worked so hard, and instead had stayed more in touch with their friends.

The interesting news

Every individual can maintain up to 150 significant relationships at one time. More real and much better than Facebook!

Most adults have only two best friends.

Scientists have discovered that our brains feel pain when someone we care about feels pain.

Bottom line: Friends make us better.

Here’s the challenge: Examine your closest relationships. Are they strong and healthy? Do you have good social support?

If your relationships could use improvement, then I have another suggestion: Ask yourself who you’re adding value to. What I mean is, who have you done something for just because you could? The best way to grow and strengthen relationships is to intentionally connect and add value to others.

Give some time to a co-worker who is less experienced.

Tell your spouse something you think is wonderful about them.

Ask your Starbucks barista, or anyone else you frequently meet, about their day and really listen to the reply.

No, this is not the random “acts of kindness” sort of stuff. Simply taking a moment and adding value to others can change your life. Plus, it might just get a few more people to your funeral.

To Your Success…


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