Instagram’s New Limited-Release Feature

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Facebook has been attempting to boost the usage of “Stories” on the platform since it was implemented earlier this year. The feature allows users to post a photo or video that will only be viewable for 24 hours.

Facebook Stories

However, for fast and temporary photo/video sharing, social media users still seem to prefer Instagram, who launched “Stories” over a year ago.

Instagram Stories

Lucky for Facebook, who purchased Instagram back in 2012, they can piggyback off of Instagram “Stories” success with a new feature. Users can now choose to post their Instagram Stories onto Facebook Stories with a simple click.

The feature was noticed by Twitter user @mruiandre, and shared by Next Web’s Matt Navarra.

Matt Navarra Twitter

Photo via Twitter @MattNavarra

Hopefully Instagram chooses to release this feature permanently, as this would be a great tool to integrate multiple social media pages. It is essential for a company to have cohesiveness in their social media branding, and this tool is another way to accomplish that.

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