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Having an internal linking structure is not only a good SEO practice, it’s good for many more things as well.

And while it may not exactly help increase your positioning on search engines, creating an internal link strategy will increase your site’s authority.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the ways linking your site together will be beneficial for your company’s website.

Read on to see what we have to say about building an internal liking plan.

Navigation Menu Internal Linking Structure

Navigation menus are part of your internal linking structure. Let’s say you’re a law firm. You’re going to want to display all of your areas of practice with drop down menus. This is going to let current or future clients jump to the service they need the most.

If that’s not readily available, people will more than likely be frustrated with trying to find what they need. You’ll  will leave you the site.

Internal Linking Bridges Pages Together

If your site has multiple internal links, that could only be a thing. It allows users to move from page to page easier. And if you add proper anchor text (short description of the linked page), it’ll allow your potential customers to see what page their about to go to.

Another kind of link is a call-to-action button. These should draw the customers attention. How do you do that? You make them big and bold. The linked pages here should be to your most important pages, i.e. contact pages, pages with products available for purchase.

Internal Link Building Experts in Long Beach

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